Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Modest Proposal - By Stephen Fry

I just read a wonderful piece of compassionate writing. Written by the wonderful Stephen Fry. 
 It almost made me cry. 
Read this if you are Greek, like Greece, have ever visited Greece or plan to do so in the future, have Greek friends/ relatives/ lovers/ business partners or are simply curious about what Greece has ever given the world. In our time of struggle, kind words of encouragement such as this fine English gentleman's, mean a lot. 
There is hope, as long as there are people who hope. 
I will never lose hope. 
 Here it is:

A Modest Proposal

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Saturday, 3 December 2011

I cried watching this.
I am not scared of ghosts or monsters or aliens. I'm scared (and ashamed) of what humans do/say to other humans. I often feel we are the worst species on this planet. But most of the time, I hope we are truly capable for the very best too.

Maybe someday soon there will be less people hurting like Jonah is right now out there. If only we can all remember to try and be better people, things might change. It takes one word at time. One day at a time. And it's a constant struggle to be a good human being.

A better human being, encompassed by Love.

Jonah, you are NOT alone.

No-one truly is, though we often feel like we are.

We all have each-other.