Wednesday, 26 September 2012

dinner - a short film

Who's hungry?



Those who have never taken a risk in their life,
those who have never travelled,
those afraid to try new things,
to put themselves out there,
the ones who hesitate
and the ones who turn away from "danger",

are the ones who see their life slip through their own fingers.

I cannot change the past, and regretting it is pointless.
The future is unknown and trying to predict it is insane.

People usually live in the past, or try to live in the future.
That's crazy.

I live neither in the past nor the future.

The choices I make
right here
right now
affect my life for the next hour
the next day, the following week
if that.


That's the only thing I can control.
Now is all that I have, all that I hope to see.
Now is when my life is happening, not tomorrow, or yesterday.
Now I am alive and I don't know how long I have left.

Could be an hour, a day or a week.

is a choice and a decision and an action and a path.

is all we have.

We are NON-LINEAR beings.
Time is not a circle for this shape and form.
That's to come. That's to follow.
In this shape and form, we are something else entirely.
We are instantaneous beings.

We exist in the