Thursday, 21 February 2008

Into The Wild

"happiness is real only when shared".

Twirling Dream

I just woke up from the most unbelievably romantic dream I have had in a very long time..

I spent the whole time I was asleep in this afternoon nap (2 hours) being watched by you, cause Anna brought you to this place we gathered, as a ploy to set the two of us up and you were watching me, discreetly but closely as I was making a fool of myself doing various stupid things and failing miserably at them too. As the dream progressed, I felt worse and worse, cause to me it was obvious you hated the way I look, and you kept walking away. So every time I would see Anna I was almost ready to cry but she was ignoring me too, which only made me lose my concentration even more and completing those tasks became almost an impossibility.... But the funny thing is beautiful YOU also kept coming back, and kept smiling at me, increasingly more so the more foolish I became, and at the very end of the dream you pushed me inside a greenhouse filled with beautiful plants and myriads of gorgeously smelling flowers and we started twirling incredibly fast towards the other end. While we were twirling, all these soft branches and flower pedals were touching my face and my naked arms (and touching your face and naked arms too, as you kept your body pressed against mine, kissing me deeply, both our eyes closed) cause it was winter but in the greenhouse we were both wearing t-shirts like it was summer, and a thousand different smells filled my senses and a thousand different sensations, like your soft skin, the skin on your cheek brushing up against the stubble on my cheek, your hands caressing mine ever so softly, the flower pedals on my nose and ears, the branches brushing up against us, the flowers dancing around us, your angel-tasting lips, and you looking right at me though your eyes were closed, and me seeing all this happen though I was still twirling and kissing you with my eyes closed, and finally we stopped against the wall and you said to me "you make me fly"....

And then I woke up.

Technically this has been our first kiss.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Suddenly I See

I know by now I am psychotic, but this morning I reached an all new level.

Yesterday I spent all night dreaming about a song that I have obviously heard in the near past and my brain somehow clutched onto the melody and some of the words like my life depended on it or something stupid like that. When I woke up I just HAD to type the few verses I remembered into Google Search and it turns out it's the song heard in the credits of "Devil Wears Prada"...


I have no words. And no, I kid you not.

It may have some significant mysterious meaning or a cryptic message for my future or my past or it might just mean I should stop eating chocolate before I go to bed.

Either way, enjoy the song.

(KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See)

Her face is a map of the world
Is a map of the world
You can see she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm

Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
Why the hell it means so much to me

I feel like walking the world
Like walking the world
You can hear she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
She fills up every corner like she's born in black and white
Makes you feel warmer when you're trying to remember
What you heard
She likes to leave you hanging on her word

Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
Why the hell it means so much to me

And she's taller than most
And she's looking at me
I can see her eyes looking from a page in a magazine
Oh she makes me feel like I could be a tower
A big strong tower
She got the power to be
The power to give
The power to see

Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
Why the hell it means so much to me