Wednesday, 19 July 2006


Remember Ursula, the 'lovely' Octopus Witch of Little Mermaid fame?
Well I found her. She has temporarily taken the form of a human grandma on the Greek island of Serifos, at a taverna by the sea, threatening a young boy of around 5 years old to eat meatballs, or else a terrible fate would await him. I dared not try and find out what that fate would be, because as I glanced at her, and the look of recognition came upon my face, I swear I felt my voice getting stolen from me for a short while... God only knows how I escaped with my life, as I tried to take these documentary pictures... for posterity. So next time some wise-ass tells you "It's ONLY a movie, don't be scared!" well... I suggest you run for your life.
I know I did.

Sunday, 16 July 2006

Serifos 2006

(See... it started out as a paradise on earth.)

(Dafne was happy.)

(Bobos was happy too.)

(Katerina was very happy, when we went to the old mines.)

(The mines were amazing, so I was happy too.)

(Then I tried to take THAT photo.)

(But then I suddenly fell into a pit. Didn't hurt. Much.)

(Night came, and I was left alone. Of course I was brave.)

(And obviously it did wonders for my pcychological state.)

(But then I was saved, and saw the divine beach again.)

(So naturally I was once again happyl.)