Friday, 14 December 2012

Tori Amos & Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over Live

a song is a song is a song is a song

and a love is a love is a love is a love

- Goodnight City of Angels -

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

10 (+ 1) Observations About The Human Race During My 36 Years On This Planet

1. People are capable of the best, as well as the worst. That's their blessing, as well as their tragedy (not curse).

2. People don't usually set out to do their worst. More often than not their worst is the result of misunderstanding, poor planning, fear, pain, desperation or simply good intentions gone wrong.

3. People will choose to do good rather than evil, most of the time. Exceptions include socio-paths, psycho-paths and other serious mental disorders.

4. People are essentially good and kind. All people. Even when they're wrong or being hurtful. They just need to be reminded of their true nature.

5. People, when brought face to face with the consequences of their words or actions and they realise that they have been hurtful to someone, they will almost certainly be shocked and will try to make amends, if given a chance.

6. People will pleasantly surprise you, if you wait for them long enough. Eventually all walls come crumbling down, all frozen hearts melt.

7. People have the right to change their heart, if they want to. There is no such thing as a "wrong emotion", if one feels it in their heart. The thing that affects all living things is people's choices about how to react to their emotions.

8. People have a lot of shit going on in their life too, they don't actively try to fuck up other people's lives. Most of the time when that happens it's coincidental, accidental or due to a lack of empathy. Though empathy is usually a gift that some people naturally have, it can also be taught.

9. People who find it difficult to empathize with other people, may learn to do so through compassion. Compassion always leads to Love. Love leads to anything and everything good. Which is why people will always be capable of the very best. Only when people fail to follow these steps does their worst become possible. Fortunately, the worst is usually reversible and in time, healed by implementing the very best.

10. People's thoughts are immensely powerful, almost as powerful as Love. A single, tiny thought, may ripple throughout mankind's collective consciousness (if expressed and if allowed to do so), causing waves of goodness that reach the ends of the planet and the edges of other people's hearts. But most importantly, a single person's thoughts may affect just one other person on the planet. And if one of us is capable of that, our collective potential is limitless. So is our responsibility.That's because we are all connected to everything and everyone else.

+1. People like making lists and people like reading them. Usually.