Saturday, 27 December 2008

Well, I've Got One Thing To Say...

I'm SO watching Twilight again.


What can I say...


I'm in love/lust with a cold, sparkling, fictional vampire.




Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Good News

Negative again.

Just got the news today.

Thank God.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Nina Simone Day

My First EVER Favourite Song

I must have been around 4 at the time, and I used to run around the house, singing it, NO, screaming it out loud all day long! It drove my parents insane, but they also found it too funny!

Somehow it feels rather poignant and appropriate today... For those of you who don't speak Greek... well, tough! :-)

Ο ανθρωπάκος

Είμαι φτωχός κουρασμένος σκυφτός ανθρωπάκος.

Των ταπεινών και των άλλων πουλιών φιλαράκος.

Για δε μ' αφήνετε ήσυχο;

Άστε με ήσυχο όλοι.

Θέλω να ζήσω ελεύθερος,

δίχως ταυτότητα πια.

Μία ζωή με κρατάν, με κουνάν μ' ένα σπάγκο.

Λόγια, σχολειά, μέρα νύχτα δουλειά και στον πάγκο.

Για δε μ' αφήνετε ήσυχο;

Άστε με ήσυχο όλοι.

Θέλω να ζήσω ελεύθερος,

δίχως ταυτότητα πια.

Όπου χαρά πρώτη-πρώτη σειρά κάποιος κλέφτης.

Κι όποιο κακό κάνει τα' αφεντικό, εγώ είμ' ο φταίχτης.

Για δε μ' αφήνετε ήσυχο;

Άστε με ήσυχο όλοι.

Θέλω να ζήσω ελεύθερος,

δίχως ταυτότητα πια.

Μουσική/στίχοι: Γιώργος Χατζηνάσιος/Λευτέρης Παπαδόπουλος

Τραγούδι: Τάνια Τσανακλίδου

Sunday, 14 December 2008

A Quartet Of Light



Let It Be

All You Need Is Love

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Inspiration For Change

How do we implement change in the world? When every single individual who comes in a position of power & authority ultimately gets corrupted and forgets his/her own original preachings?

We don't need leaders, we don't need co-ordinators. Human beings have been conditioned since childbirth to be weak, selfish creatures. And almost every single one of us, with very few saintly exceptions, if and when we get in any position of power and authority, we will at some point ultimately look out for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our own benefit and self-interest. It's human nature (we've been conditioned to think). It's almost impossible to resist the temptation to be corrupted, when offered money & power in return. Especially the opportunity to lead a wealthy, safe life. It's inevitable we will succumb, because we all have suffered so much, that when presented with an easy way out, it becomes so much more appealing than the effort and energy it would take, to "try and change the world regardless".

I believe that's the whole point of the Zeitgeist movement.

Even the originators don't want to be giving people orders or tell them what to do. They suggest (and I for one am listening) that we should ALL be the same, we should ALL be as one, no-one should lead anyone else or co-ordinate others. Because such a system is inherently problematic. And we've all seen that happen all throughout history. Corruption hits ALWAYS in such scenarios, if not the people in power or the saintly charismatic leaders (which happens more often than not), then definitely their "followers" who all of a sudden decide that their "leaders" are not radical enough, or that they have forgotten or lost their will and commitment to total change..

And then those fanatics become "holier than thou" and start to resent their original "co-ordinators" and try to make change happen right now, THEIR way, whatever the cost in human life in the process, disregarding all of a sudden the "backward" teachings of their "co-ordinators". And suddenly, those same "leaders" find themselves losing their voice and power of persuasion, the situation goes out of control and they stand alone in a crowd of "newly enlightened" people who now hold a mob mentality and want to "burn" everything in sight. And those lonely leaders, charismatic and saintly that they are, cannot understand what went so wrong and how the people (starved for change) could so easily lose sight of what's right and what's wrong, and become lured in by the "dark side" of "each man out for himself".

And that's only the case with enlightened and saintly individuals who superhumanly manage to resist the temptation that threatens to corrupt them to their core. Imagine what happens to all of us, when they don't...

This has happened to EVERY political system this planet has EVER seen in its lifetime. Most probably because there is ALWAYS profit to be made (so people are lured into collecting it when given a chance to be in a position of power), and most likely because people ALWAYS prefer to try and change others and convert others to their OWN belief system, than risking the effort of trying to change themselves. If somehow there WAS NO PROFIT involved, then people would all of a sudden find themselves in a world where 90% of the reasons for conflict was eradicated. And by profit I mean money, status, power, difference.

All current political, religious and social systems try to break people into groups, into units. A divide & conquer mentality, that leaves people unaware of their value and potential for peace and love. Comparisons and discouraging accusations are made, judgement is being passed on and conflict arises as a result of that, in a self-perpetuating motif, that separates people into solitary helpless individuals. They then start looking out for a small circle of people (themselves and their loved ones, naturally), disregarding EVERYONE ELSE in the process. They cannot act any differently, they are "forced" to protect themselves against any external threat.

Those in "power" create the "EVIL OTHER" in the minds of innocent people, in order to focus their attention on how to "protect themselves" by handing over power and allegiance to "those of us in-the-know, that hold the keys to the mystery or prosperity and fortune". All of a sudden, people think they themselves know nothing, and they certainly must truly be blessed to be on the side of "good" and not on the side of "evil". So hallelujah to our "leaders" for knowing the truth, and hallelujah to our OWN belief system, because it's so EVIDENTLY better than everyone else's... We then become the blessed few, with all the knowledge, all the truth, and those "others" who aren't, had better agree with us and support (or serve) us, or else we will MAKE THEM "see the light", and we will MAKE THEM "save themselves from their lost, hopeless, sinful path they're on".

Hence, against our better will, while honestly seeking hope and change, we end up trusting some of us, we call them leaders or enlightened ones or co-ordinators, give them power and "order them" to change the world for us, make it a better place, and then we sit back and hope that they will magically change everything (especially ourselves with our tried and tested self-interest tendencies), while we remain, unchanged, guiltless and free to roam the world exactly the way we used to. In the meantime, those leaders are faced with the same or worse problems than before, alone to fend for themselves AND us, and if they some day even so much as TRY to change our ways for the better, we will respond by brutally accusing them for "disrupting our peace". And we will revolt or simply change them. With worse more incompetent ones.

And when they inevitably fail to make a difference, we call them corrupted or useless, in spite of them possibly belonging to a tiny group of pure good-doers. As a consequence, we may even force them to become corrupted, so that we can use them in our OWN self-interest. Imagine how we feel towards the ones that ARE actually corrupted. A vicious circle, worse than the worst nightmare humanity has ever had. That goes the same with ALL institutions and organisations, political systems and religious dogmas that we put our trust in, hoping they can ultimately "save us from ourselves"...

I believe, ANY change, must come from deep within ourselves first and foremost, it must come from actual real change in our everyday lives. In our perspective of the world. If every single one of us, (with the inspiration of the Zeitgeist movement for example or some other idea), starts to question whatever it is we're being served to eat (just see what's happening to my country Greece right now) and realizes the power of their will for freedom, justice and love, then things MIGHT begin to change.

If one person starts to care for something and then tries to "convince" or "co-ordinate" or "lead" people into changing the world, he will almost always fail in changing the world. There will always be negative forces battling his every move. There will always be resistance. Matter and energy tend to stay where they are, unless forced to change by an external factor. So when the external factor arrives, there will always be resistance, equal to the amount of the power that the external factor has to begin with. People are like (and ARE INDEED) physics. If someone tries to MAKE us do something, we will more often than not RESIST with equal strength and persistence, as the offender. And thus violent conflict ensues, that NEVER ends, until one side caves in. Whatever that may mean for the "loser" and the "winner".

i.e. If one of us starts caring for the environment, and tries to convince others to do so too, by violent force, he will be met with equal or even disproportionately stronger resistance. If all of us however start caring for the environment and "lead by example", then the said social stigma of environmentalists for example will be eradicated, because EVERY one will have now become an environmentalist. And change will have already happened. No need for conflict. No need for violence. No need for separatists. No need for "us and them". We would all be the same. No need or reason to argue or fight or try to preach or "save" others.

It only takes the effort of ONE to change ONESELF.

And the same goes with everything else, not just the environment. EVERY aspect of our daily life. Everything we do, all the people we interact with, every situation we find (or put) ourselves into. If we change ourselves, we will instantly succeed in changing the world.

See what I mean?

The solution and the "critical mass" needed to achieve good and prosperity for ALL mankind is among OURSELVES. Right now. Not out there to be harvested and expected and entrusted on a few "leaders" or enlightened/worthy/saintly/gifted individuals. Those people, though we might respect or hold for what they ultimately are (a precious source of inspiration and courage), are still people, flawed and weak like ourselves. And we shouldn't weaken them more by placing our fate and the fate of the whole mankind on their hands. They simply CANNOT and WON'T succeed in changing the whole wide world. If they even try, they will be met with opposition and resistance. They will be forced to use violent conflict and humanity will be worse for it. We will all suffer disproportionately more than we could tolerate. It's happened before. Hey, it's been happening EXACTLY like that since the beginning of time.

Isn't it time we did thing differently? Isn't it about time we take responsibility for our own actions and we take things in our own hands while trying to change whatever it is that's holding us down?

Let's start with little things.

Things we can all do differently in our everyday life. Treat ourselves AND ESPECIALLY others the way we would enjoy being treated ourselves. Then take it up a notch, do something more challenging, like GIVE a little SOMETHING, and EXPECT NOTHING in return... Then do a bit more, then a bit more, even. Every day, tiny bits of change, of progress. Small things. Easy things.

Baby steps.

And take it from there.

Sure there will be bad days, when resistance will be greater than our strength to overcome it. I myself, can always find excuses to contradict myself and my better intentions, and I do. After all, we alone are ourselves' most violent opponents. Wouldn't you agree? Let's give ourselves permission to fail every now and then. And not hurt ourselves with thoughts of negativity and failure. If we didn't fail, if we never made mistakes, we would never learn anything. Right? Others have the right to make mistakes too. Like we do. And they shouldn't have to be tormented for and because of them, much like we shouldn't torment ourselves.

We can learn forgiveness from all this.

Sure there will be days when we are faced with conflict from all those others out there, who are a little behind in THEIR struggle to change. Let's not allow them to set us back. Let's not let them influence us back into remission. And for God's sake, let's NOT TRY AND CHANGE THEM. Let them be, they have their own battles to fight. Their own ghosts to combat. They don't need OUR truth. They have their own. Instead, we should all stand our own ground, and stay on our OWN path to improvement. And maybe then THEY will find us inspiring and courageous and will focus THEIR strength, not on fighting us, but on bettering themselves. This could possibly one day eradicate conflict and violence. They are not better than us, nor are they worse than us. They are just themselves and they have every right to be, much like we have every right to be as we are, inside our own path of betterness (sic). We shouldn't judge them and if they judge us, then we should not allow ourselves to agree with them. Or fight them because of it.

We can learn tolerance from all that.

Before we know it, we will turn ourselves into new, better versions of ourselves. And we will have done so without the help of leaders or co-ordinators. We will have used others only as inspiration or support, rather than as enemies or suppressors. And maybe "they" will have done so "themselves". I believe in the essential good of EVERYONE. If we take away all those reasons that others could use against us (reasons we first and foremost create ourselves), they will eventually have no ammunition and they will have to concentrate on themselves and their own path. And change will happen, step by step, without violence or conflict. And we will move on.

We can learn progress from all that.

There will be people who will downright refuse to change. Rather, they will most probably attempt to judge us, hurt us, categorize us, fragment us, suppress us, influence us, control us or violently fight us. Let's do our best to resist that. If we find ourselves in pain or agony or weakened by such actions, let's find support in like-minded individuals, friends, family, whatever each and every one of us holds dear and special in our hearts. And protect ourselves. NOT FIGHT them or attempt to CHANGE them. Let's not give in to the ease of all the negative emotions that we could use as weapons. If we survive (and unfortunately not all of us will), sooner or later they won't. They will be deprived of the kind of support we enjoy from our allies and loved ones. They will find themselves alone, fighting a futile fight, because we will never give it to their provocations. They will become isolated in their own short-sightedness and they will eventually fight themselves. So they will probably wither away, and we will have survived and moved forward, without conflict or violence. Still on our path to become better and kinder, with love in our hearts, not hate. So the more people we have in the world changing, the less people will there be who don't.

We can learn evolution from all this.

Evolution is tolerance, forgiveness, progress. And with it, comes change. Change that not only we can believe in (sic) but also change that we alone can control and enforce on ourselves. And if we ALL succeed in changing ourselves, there will come a day, that all of a sudden the whole wide world will have changed. And Love will be One.

I'll drink to that, and from today, I am officially embarking on my own path towards change.

Good luck to you if you so choose to embark on yours.

And if and when our paths meet please honk and smile.

Promise I'll do the same.

It's good to know we are not alone.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


This documentary is changing my life as we speak.

Never before have I found anything so close to my heart and intellect. It speaks exactly like I feel, and includes my world theory and all my notions of the meaning of life and my part in it. Funny I should find it today, of all days, a day of utmost sorrow for the state of chaos in my city and country... Everything happens for a reason. I'm now more sure than ever before.

FIND or MAKE 2 hours available in your hectic life to watch it.
You won't regret it.

Ef Olis Tis Ylis

Osoi me kserete kala, tha gnwrizete oti apofeugw na topothetoumai politika (kai thriskeutika), giati synithws i geniki anektikotita twn anthrwpwn teinei syxna na thysiazetai se enan parakseno kai adianoito egwismo kai fanatismo otan kapoio apo auta ta 2 themata erxetai sto proskinio, enw ksafnika i allote yparxousa logiki paei peripato. Prokeimenou na erthw se antiparathesi me dogmatika enstikta kai antidraseis fortismenes synaisthimatika, exw dialeksei edw kai xronia na apofeugw taktika opoiadipote tetoia antiparathesi gia logous politikous i thriskeutikous kai na krataw tis apopseis mou kyriws gia ton eauto mou.

Milwntas simera gia ti sysswreumeni orgi twn anthrwpwn tis genias mas, kai epeidi den mporw na anteksw na eimai apwn se mia tetoia sygkoiria, diakindyneuw na ekfrastw epi tou thematos, elpizontas na erthw pio konta me sas, xwris na thelw na prokalesw tin orgi sas. Protimw tin adiaforia oswn apo sas diafwnoun kai den exw kamia diathesi na tsakwthw me kanenan. Gi'auto parakalw opoion/a exei tin tasi gia tsakwmo i exei lavei apofasi apo twra na diafwnisei mazi mou entona, na tin kateuthynei se pio apodotika mesa. Egw aplws de tha parasyrthw se kati tetoio. Eimai onws anoixtos se opoiodipote wrimo antikeimeniko dialogo, apo opoion to epithymei.

Teleutaia eukairia na fygete kai na einai ola kala ki agapimena.........

Apo kei kai pera...

Den kserw an endiaferei i apopsi mou, i oxi, i tapeini mou omws gnwmi gia osa ginontai kai giati den allazei pote i katastasi se auti ti xwra einai oti dystyxws poly fovamai oti akoma den exoume dei ta xeirotera. Otan i krisi i oikonomiki apo tin katareusi tis eleutheris agoras (opws paliotera eixe katareusei kai to kommounistiko protypo) erthei kai stin Ellada kanonika (gyrw sto Genari i Flevari anamenontai stin Elliniki agora na skasoun myti oles oi akalyptes epitages pou ekdothikan pros to telos tou kalokairiou), nomizw oti o kosmos tha erthei pio vathia mesa sta skata.

Eimaste oloi mas mia genia pou paleuei douleuontas (otan exoume douleia) pollaplasies wres apo tis proigoumenes genies, exontas poly ligotera esoda apo ekeinous kai enw ypotithetai oti exoume perissotera mesa kai fonta (gnwseis, spoudes ktl). Zoume se mia xwra pou enw exei tous xamiloterous misthous stin Eurwpi (vl. i genia twn 700), i opoia exei ta pio akriva supermarket gia eidi prwtis anagkis (gia na min mpw se leptomereies allou eidous gia alla eidi kai ypiresies). Zoume se mia xwra pou oi eukairies gia kariera, i aksiokratia, oi oikonomiki stiriksi stous neous epaggelmaties (vl. to prosfata yposxomeno telos tou aforologitou gia tous eleutherous epaggelmaties) pane peripato kai dinoun kathimerina ti thesi tous stous kommatika topothetimenous, sti diafthora kai tin apeili tis eksafanisis opoiasdipote pithanis syntaksis stin opoia mporei na elpizoume (kathws ta tameia idi exoun imerominia liksis). Zoume se mia xwra opou prowtheitai i diaploki, ta skandala, to elafro kai epifaneiako (elleipsi agorastikis dynamis tou opoioidipote kakws ennooumenou dianooumenistikou (sic)).

Oi exontes ton elegxo (eklegmenoi apo mas pou tous anexomaste kai tous dikaiologoume xronia twra), anti na prowthoun tin ekpaideusi/paideia, tin perithalpsi, tin ereuna kai ton politismo, pragmata pou isws kapote me skliri douleia kai programma na mas evgazan apo to telma, prowthoun to volema, to dimosioypallilismo san moni lysi sto epaggelmatiko adieksodo pollwn apo mas, oi eksoplismoi gia to fovo tis tourkias (o tonos sto a), ton fasistika epivevlimeno ethnikismo kai tin ksenofovia (min tyxon kai sikwsei kanenas aristouxos ellinas alvanikis katagwgis ti simaia kai katalythei eksaitias tou to kratos kai i dimokratia -?- mas) enw i mikroprepeia, i apelpisia, o fovos/deilia, i orgi, i thlipsi, i apognwsi kai i katathlipsi gemizei tis kardies olwn oswn apo mas exoun akoma synaisthimata euaisthisias pou den exoun dwsei (akoma) ti thesi tous sti sklirotita, ton kynismo kai tin ypologistikotita tis SKLIRIS PRAGMATIKOTITAS.

Kai ksafnika oloi ginomaste provata.

San amnoi sti sfagi pame, xwris noima, xwris elpida, xwris empneusi, xwris mellon.

Kai ti mporoume na kanoume? Enas koukos de fernei tin Anoiksi kai egw prwtos ap'olous sta 32 mou de diateinomai oti exw ti lysi se kapoio apo ta problimata tis anthrwpotitas. Den exw tis apantiseis pou zitame mallon oi perissoteroi apo mas, apla prospathw me o,ti mesa exw na antistathw kai na palepsw me to diko mou tropo, me tis dikes mou elaxistes dynameis kai ikanotites, paleuw na antistathw sto skliro realismo kai ton kynismo pou apeilei kathe vima mou.

Thewrw oti ena apo ta prwta pragmata pou mporoume na kanoume einai na skeftomaste anoixtomyala, sfairika kai kyriws na psaxnoume kai na zitame polypleuri enimerwsi apo enallaktikes piges kai oxi mono apo ta synithismena media. Na mi fovomaste na allaksoume apopsi, akoma kai an prepei na pame kontra stis mexri twra pepoithiseis mas. Na skeftomaste ta pragmata mesa se periploka i oxi poly apla plaisia, kai oxi na masame etoimi trofi apo “opoion” thelei na mas ti servirei. To kathe pragma pou mas parousiazetai, xreiazetai panta na rwtame to "GIATI?" prin to katapioume. Kati pou emeis ston mikro koinwniko mas kyklo idi kanoume ligo ws poly (nomizw) ki elpizw na synexisoume me tin idia tolmi kai tharros.

To deutero pragma, kai exeis o kathenas/ i kathemia sas dikaiwma na diafwnisete mazi mou, einai na min ksanapsifisoume pote sti zwi mas mexri na allaksoun pragmatika ta pragmata sti xwra auti, kanena apo ta kommata pou vriskontai twra mesa sti Elliniki vouli. Euthynontai OLOI tous opws leei kai o S. Kouloglou sto arthro auto, eite me ti symboli tous eite me tin apousia tous stin parousa katastasi kai pragmatikotita. Egw to fwnaza auto edw kai posa xronia, alla synithws xleuazomoun apo pollous (elafra i ligotero elafra), akougontas oti to swsto einai na fygei ontws i ND (apo osous to ypostirizan) kai na mpei sti thesi tis to PASOK pou exei tis lyseis i apo tin alli meria akougontas gia tin kammeni gi pou parelave i ND apo to PASOK kai toumpalin. Opws kserete kala, kai oi men kai oi de ta idia ekanan sta dika tous xronia kai i katastasi epanalambanetai esaei. De tha parathesw ta paradeigmata idias symperiforas kai apraksias tote kai akoma pio palia. Psakste vreite ta, to net vrithei paradeigmatwn kai istorikwn ntokoumentwn.

Aisthanomai adynamos san anthrwpos 32 xronwn kai san politis, kai pws dystyxws den exw sxedon tipota na kanw (giati de mporw na vgw stis poreies i na kapsw ta spitia autvn pou kaine tin Athina opws tha ithela gia na noiwsoun kai oi idioi ti akrivws kanoun autes tis meres). Mesa mou vrazw apo orgi kai stenoxwria kai bathia stin kardia mou paleuoun i skoteini kai i fwteini pleura mou gia na kataferw me ton ena i me ton allo tropo na xwnepsw ola auta pou gia kapoio diestrammeno logo thewrw oti tosa xronia erxontai san ena kako oneiro apo to opoio ksypname kai me odyni syneiditopoioume oti apotelei thliveri pragmatikotita oloena na plisiazei. Den kserw ti na kanw. Aisthanomai xamenos kai katapiesmenos apo pantou kai apo olous.

Auto simainei oti prepei na vgw kai na kanw "kako" me opoiondipote tropo se allous? I stis periousies tous? i na epembw sti zwi tous me kapoion epithetiko tropo? Oxi, dystyxws i eutyxws eimai pio poly Ghandi kai ligotero Jean D'Arc san proswpikotita. Den pisteuw sti via kai tin antistoixi tis epanastasi. Pisteuw stin elpida, ti gnwsi, to dialogo, tin katanoisi, ti symponoia kai ti sygxwresi. Kai fysika sto anwtero olwn tin agapi.

Ti ginetai omws otan ola auta stin epoxi pou zoume (einai i esxati twn kairwn arage?), otan ola auta pou egw presveuw fainetai na einai tzoufia kai adynama na allaksoun ton kosmo?

Den kserw. Opws kai paliotera tha synexisw na skeftomai kai na elpizw. Kai to mono oplo pou aisthanomai oti exw einai i mikri gamimeni psifos tin opoia kai lysallea apozitoun oloi tous. Mexri na erthei pali i wra pou tha tin riksw (i opoia isws na einai kai pio konta ap'oso nomizoume), tha synexisw na lew to idio pou lew edw kai xronia se olous esas pou vriskete elafryntika sti mia i tin alli kyvernisi:

I autodynami kyvernisi, einai ena sxima pou dokimazetai edw kai 10eties kai apotyxainei patagwdws na ferei to mellon pou aksizoume kai sto opoio elpizoume. Isws prepei na tous kyrieusei kai autous o fovos ton opoio exoume oloi mas. Na einai ypologoi se mas kai oxi emeis se ekeinous me eksafanismena ta dikaiwmata mas. Ana pasa stigmi kai wra, na noiwthoun apo panw tous tin apeili tis anasfaleias pou exoume oloi mas. Na noiwthoun tin kauti anasa mas sto sverko tous kathe wra kai na thymountai etsi poios tous evale ekei kai poios mporei na tous parei apo kei. Na tous eksanagkasoume na synergastoun OLOI mazi kai na exoun OLOI mazi tin euthyni, I na tous diwksoume OLOUS mazi apo kei pou vriskontai kai na dokimasoume allous. Giati sto katw katw tis grafis, EMEIS tous vazoume tosa xronia ekei panw. Emeis tous exoume dwsei ta kleidia tou mellontos mas. Kai prepei na tous dwsoume na katalavoun oti den mporoun na mas antimetwpizoun san tsifliki tous kai san katwtera anthrwpina onta. O kosmos einai aganaktismenos kai to idio eimai ki egw.

Opote min tolmisei kaneis na mou ksanadikaiologisei tin katastasi pou zoume se periplokes skies tou gkri.

Telos gia mena auti i paralogi eklogikeusi kai deili dikaiologisi autwn pou exoun kai apofasizoun kai tou kosmou ston opoio zoun.

Den einai idios o kosmos tous me ton kosmo ston opoio zw egw.

Apo dw kai pera tha vlepw sxedon ta panta se apsro mauro. Opws me vlepoun kai mena oloi autoi apo tote pou gennithika.

Euxaristw pou me anextikate, osoi to kanate.

Tin agapi mou loipon, eleipsei allou Xristougenniatikou dwrou gia ti "giortini" periodo pou plisiazei.

Monday, 1 December 2008

One Year Celebration

Woo hoo! It's one year in my house already! And given the fact it's also World Against AIDS day, what better way to celebrate than this following video! :-))