Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bette Midler - Shiver Me Timbers (Live Version)

Well, I'm leavin' my family, I'm leavin' all my friends.
My body's at home, but my heart's in the wind
where the clouds are like headlines upon a new front page sky.
My tears are salt water. The moon's full and high.

And I know Joe Conrad is gonna be proud of me.
Many before me been called by the sea
to be up in the crows nest singin' by saying:
Shiver me timbers. Let's all sail away.

And the fog's lifting, the sand's shifting, I'm drifting on out.
Old Captain Ahab's got nothin' on me.
Swallow me, don't follow me. I'm travelling alone.
The water's my daughter. I shall skip like a stone.

And the fog's lifting, the sand's shifting, I'm drifting on out.
Old Captain Ahab got nothing on me,
"Swallow me, don't follow me. I travel alone.
The water, she's my daughter. I'll skip like a stone."

Won't you please call my family. Tell 'em not to cry.
My goodbyes are written by the moon in the sky.
Say, nobody knows me. I got no reason to stay.
Shiver me timbers. I'm sailing away.

la, la, la, la, la, la.
la, la, la, la.
la, la, la, la, la, la,
la, la-a, la.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

kappa MYSTA - [I AM U]

“I AM U”
This song is a part of “Love needs a trio”, a musical staged show by kappa MYSTA. The video is taken from the act : “A story of a drag-queen”, featuring Elia Ioannidou as the “drag-queen”.
More information on the musical: kappamysta.com/​trio

Music - Lyrics: kappa MYSTA
Orchestration, Programming and Mixing, Audio Production: kappa MYSTA
Vocals: kappa MYSTA & Andreanne Athanasiou.
Mastering: Mazen Murad - Metropolis Studios London

Directed by: Yannis Zafeiriou
Written by: kappa MYSTA & Yannis Zafeiriou.
Director of photography: Christos Tsekouras
Editing & post-production by: Alexios “μoufis” Panou
Make-Up: Litsa Ioannidou
Backstage photographer, logo and graphic designer: George Kazanakis
Fashion design: Ntia Antoniou
Production: Veramand Ltd © 2011 - veramand.com