Saturday, 22 March 2008

Dazzled Yet Again

You are luminous.

A creature of light. I wonder if you even know it, or realise that you are.

I bet you don't.

The depth of your eyes is almighty and filled with fiery emotions. All kinds.

There will be a moment in the future when you probably finally read this, and you will know it is YOU I am talking about. When you do, I hope you will realise the elemental goodness in my heart when I write these words, and the consequent touching of your soul would probably then equal the hold you already have on my heart.

I have tried to shake these feelings and free myself of this hold, but I have failed. That only goes to show your power and to be honest, I kinda wished and knew that I would fail to shake you off my mind. You are dazzling and bright. You breathe live energy and the concept of your being is overwhelming, if one is not used to tolerate such Love potential.

Once again I am dazzled by your shine and I find myself floating in suspended animation, as if my future depends upon your smile. Such beauty is hard to fathom.

You leave me speechless and stunned. In a VERY good way.

So here's to your sparkle and flight. May I join you soon, and bring you all the penguins I feel you long for.

Thank you for being out there, breathtakingly sweet alien.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Dead Pretty (Music Video) - We Govern We

This is the first music video of the fabulous & lovely band "we govern we".

It stars Anna Karakalou and Panos Scourtis, who are the core members of "we govern we", as well as Kos Markatos, the song's producer and ever-so-slightly insane backing vocalist.

Making this video was a group effort by a lot of talented people offering their help for free, like Katerina Vlastari, whose work and support was invaluable.

The video was directed & edited by me (a much beloved friend of the band), and post-production was done by Red Studios.

The budget was limited to 35 EURO and 27 CENTS (more or less to the cent).

Please don't forget to tell your friends about us. And our friends if you run into them, in case we forget.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Creative Commons

Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry.

Pretty cool for all of us creative people, in this new new age of web-sharing.

Friday, 7 March 2008


Such a sensitive sensation. I've been feeling so elated lately. Various reasons for that, I know, but for some strange reason the tenderness of my emotions is so easy to describe today.

I've only had a few hours to sleep last night, working on this editing of a music video I am doing, so maybe lack of sleep might explain my light-headedness. Regardless of that, in my drowsiness all day I have had this new-found clarity of perception that was also ignited by corny music (lurve that) and the strange weather we've been having lately.

Every thought, every memory that's been coming to my head, every idea and just about all of my actions today have been touched by goosebumps along my spine, as if a mysterious pair of lips has been stalking my every move, breathing a humid breath down my neck, along every single part of my skin. Several times I caught myself smiling for no particular reason and it's as if I got a rose tinted filter before my eyes. Sounds have been caressing my every step, be it music, be it the alarm going off in houses nearby (due to temporary power failures we've been having), a strange dog's barking, footsteps on the apartment upstairs, or even brown leaves dancing outside my window.

No alcohol, chocolate or drugs inside me. Still, I feel completely stoned, high on some unknown substance or potion I forget ever having taken. I swear I weigh less, or even I could almost levitate a tiny bit at certain moments during the day. And all this despite a strange little muscular pain on my lower back that's been unsuccessfully attempting to pester me. I am not in Love, not right now anyway, so I can't attribute all this to a sense of longing for something new. I've been alone for a while now, and can't say I am not afraid of the perspective of something new that might well (or may not) arrive. Complete strangers have been flirting with me and though I thoroughly enjoy the attention (a genuine Leo being that I am), I've been sheltering myself from any potential alien attempt at "breaking -in". So it's not Love that's getting me here.

What I do know is that something or someone out there, has mysteriously unlocked my old rusty lock, and fresh blood has been pumping into my heart ever since. That would explain this strange new substance inside me. I've been running on old, dark red for so long, I forgot what it feels like to have fresh, new, vibrant, fiery red fuelling my todays.

I like it.

Love may not be here yet, but I'll tell you this:

My gates are open, once again and spring cleaning is afoot. So who knows? Maybe soon I'll be flying again. Alongside cheeky little penguins.

About fucking time too.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

True Love

This is how I hope my future is. Seriously.