Monday, 5 November 2012

Keep The Fuck Away From Me

It doesn't matter to me how super-talented you are,
how much of a visionary or a leader
or what a creative person you are
or a man/woman of many abilities
or how generally respectable your work is.

If you find it difficult to effortlessly relate to people;

if you never apologise for your own mistakes and never try your best to mend your behaviour accordingly;

if you have a double standard with regards to your sense of humour when it involves others (i.e. you can give it freely, always expecting people to readily accept and/or appreciate it, yet you are rarely able to take it from them without instantly getting offended);

if you consider yourself perfect and all-knowing at all times & with no exceptions and your self-righteousness permeates your entire existence;

if you consider any alternative opinion expressed in your presence to be a personal attack or a hostile/judgemental/racist/sexist act, when it truly is well intended and not imposed on you;

if you have a chip on your shoulder bigger than your entire self, so much so that you have have become trigger-happy with you aggressive reactions and your constant affinity to conflict and/or drama;

if you fail to forgive others for their own mistakes and often resist the urge to understand the reasons behind their trespasses to you, but instead you usually (and quickly) resort to sulking, holding grudges and bad-mouthing people behind their back (or even in front of them);

if you are an "energy vulture", seeking constant attention through attracting or becoming the essence of misery & drama, so that you can suck the positivity out of those around you (hoping to absorb their happiness), only to make yourself feel less worse (cause you never actually succeed in feeling better despite how you damage others in the process);

if you are fake and have countless personalities to suit (and serve) your current interests or schemes, without ever revealing your true self to others, because you consider it to be a sign of weakness or because you're simply THAT ruthless in your path towards money, glory and/or power;

if despite all of the above, one STILL tries to reach out to you repeatedly and goes out of one's way to offer friendship and understanding, only to find that you resist heavily, and you ignore such attempts time after time;

then I have ZERO INTEREST in being your friend, working with you or even associating with you on a casual level. It's probably best if we both go our own separate ways and keep our energies far apart.

I have ZERO INTEREST in your judgement or participating in your delusions of grandeur.

Please, keep to your own path and I will make sure I keep to mine. Resist the urge to pick on me or change me to fit your expectations, and I promise in return I will save you from my irritating presence.

Life on this realm is too short, and I would rather spend it all with beings of love, respect, compassion & simplicity.

Thank you.